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[OCT22] Fall into Facial peels

October blog: by Hiral Esthetics LLC

Skincare beyond sensitivities and Redness: Let’s peel this Fall season with intentions of the right

results for our skin.

Redness and sensitive skin types react more readily. In this case of genetic disposition,

the blood vessels and nerve endings are more superficial to the skin surface, which makes skin

more sensitive to stimulation. If the skin is over peeled with treatment that also causes

sensitivities and redness because the barrier function in the cells of the skin is compromised

with peeling more frequently in a short amount of time. So, it is crucial that there is a

customized treatment plan in place for each client and the facials are done to benefit with peels

as needed in appropriate time intervals. Frequent irritants to the skin are acids and exfoliants

used too aggressively, AHA (less that 3.00 PH, BHA, - too high or low pH’s, over cleansing and

over exfoliating, heat, cold and dehydration and lastly stimulating treatments and ingredients

not used properly.

In order to treat redness and sensitivities, its important to repair barrier function using

lipid infused products, preventing irritant penetration. Daily usage of soothing agents and

antioxidants to squelch biomedical cascade of inflammation reactions. It is also crucial to use

peptides to reduce swelling and pressure on blood vessels. Lastly, use SPF of at least 50 to avoid

sun damage and provide plenty of hydration to the skin. Avoid strong fragrances, some

essential oils and nail products that may cause sensitivities. Thank you

Reference: Milady esthetics – Textbook

Mark Lees webinar- Skincare beyond basics – Associated Skincare Professional

webinar series 2022- subscription.

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