[MAY22] Mother’s Day and Chicago Summer prep- Love the skin you are in!

Mother’s Day and Chicago Summer prep- Love the skin you are in!

May 1st ,2022 is here and guess what? Its still cold and cloudy out in Chicagoland. However, no sun does not mean no UVA and UVB rays; so please wear sunscreen. SPF! SPF! SPF!

Secondly, Mother’s Day is around the corner. Its May 8th,2022! Come and get pampered with me at Hiral Esthetics at Seasons Salon and Spa. We offer hydration facials, Vitamin C facials, and Anti- Aging facials to name a few for summer months this year. We also have make-up application services.

At Hiral Esthetics we will give you all summer essentials by:

1. Helping you invest in Vitamin C creams which is hydrating, nourishing and nutritional for your skin, especially in summertime.

2. Help exfoliate your skin with gentle cleansers and exfoliants.

3. Help you adopt a dual -purpose moisturizers with SPF in it and give your recommendation for eye creams as well.

4. Provide gentle cleansers recommendations to keep your skin cool in summertime.

5. Help your skin out with hyaluronic acid and serums

6. Lastly, help you place make up that is noncomedogenic.

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