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[JULY 22] New facial treatments: hydration facial / Oxygen facial

2 New facial treatments are in!! We are introducing a new Customized hydration facial and an Oxygen facial service.

1. Customized Hydration Facial ($85)/ 75 min treatment

Treatment treats dehydration, controls acne breakouts, exfoliates the dead skin and

provide suppleness to the face and neck region. There are eight benefits to the

hydration facial that we focus on here at Hiral Esthetics. Here are the 8 benefits of

a hydrating facial.

  •  Skin is hydrated and supple.

  •  Skin appears brighter.

  •  Even skin tone and texture.

  •  Skin is smooth and soft.

  •  Controls the excess oil.

  •  Lessens acne breakouts.

  •  Controls itchiness and irritation.

  •  Better absorption of skin care products throughout even skin/ supple skin.

2. Customized Oxygen facial (85$)/ 75 min treatment

When used as a skincare ingredient, oxygen helps encourage a healthy skin barrier and hydrate

the skin. When you give skin cells a healthy boost of oxygen, you help maintain your skin's

health and keep it looking bright and healthy. We customize oxygen facials here Hiral Esthetics

after skin analysis.

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