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[JAN-FEB23]Valentine's Day & Personal info to Skin Training

My leadership experience, familiarity with working in a fast-paced environment, and ability to remain calm in a fast-paced environment make me an ideal candidate for this position. I am confident that you will find my accomplishments, community service work and ability to work with people, and educational background valuable assets that can be part of your team.

I dealt with managers for various corporations at Marcus Evans Inc. and connected well with them for business development conferences. I also volunteered my time at many not-for-profit organizations where I served on committees that taught me time management skills, service skills, public speaking skills, and presentation skills. I also worked retail where I exceeded my sales goals and serviced clients that desired specific merchandise. With my employment, I have also managed to earn a degree in Public Health with a health promotion and community health focus. My undergraduate education is in Biological sciences.

I believe my strong communication skills and dynamic presentation/public speaking skills allow me to build relationships within and outside an organization. I can develop effective strategies with my research abilities to communicate with individuals at all levels of organizations including executives of companies, management teams, professional staff, and conference audiences, which I believe you will find to be a positive quality for a team member to possess. I enjoy working with young students as teammates. I have experience working with diversity at the Lake County Health Department. I enjoy working with people in general and taking care of their skin concerns as well.

I love providing skin care. LOVE the Skin you are In!!

I have experience in treating acne, and dehydration, proving essential antioxidants to the skin as well. I finished my training at G Skin and Beauty Institute – in Chicago!

Please check out and promotions for this Valentine’s season!

Love to see all of you!

Hiral P

Happy Valentine’s day

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