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The good news about waxing is there is no razor burn or rash. Waxing results are longer lasting. The important thing to do is to examine your skin to ensure that it is in healthy condition for waxing. In summertime, excessive sun exposure can lead to burns, blistering, and other serious conditions that may prevent your esthetician from providing a waxing service. Summer heat may also lead to sweating which could cause pimples and clogged pores. Your body may produce more oil due to dehydration and hot temperatures. So, if your esthetician refrains from providing you with waxing services in summertime, please respect her opinion. We highly recommend no sun exposure 24 hours before your waxing services and 24 hours after your waxing services. Frequent exfoliating and moisturizing during summer moths will promote a healthy and hydrated skin despite sun and chlorine exposure.

I can treat dehydrated skin, and ingrown hair as well as blistering with soothing facials at HiralEsthetics. We also provide waxing services. Please know any contraindications for waxing services observed on clients will result in appropriate treatment of the skin first, then waxing services in follow up appointments. Gentle exfoliating is recommended 24 hours your waxing services to loosen up the hair, especially for bikini waxing services. Don’t pull out any ingrown hair ever.

Thank You. See you at the spa!

Hiral- Aesthetician.

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