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[Aug-Sep22] Glycolic acid peels

Month of August / End of summer and Glycolic acid peels

Glycolic acid is naturally extracted from the sugar canes, cantaloupes and is

commonly used for blemish removal, skin brightening and skin renewal. It is an excellent exfoliant in the family of Alpha Hydroxy Acids. It also treats sun- spots, acne, fine lines and

wrinkles. Medium peel is best for sun damage and uneven skin tones as it removes black

heads and whiteheads.

Glycolic acid has a smaller molecular structure, therefore it travels deep into the

skin;once inside the cell, it dissolves excess sebum and dead skin cells, revealing smoother,

brighter and younger looking skin. The benefits of glycolic acid peels are reduced

hyperpigmentation,2. More even skin tone generation 3. Smoothing fine lines and

wrinkles 4. And adds glow and luster to the skin. This peel is also safe to use during the

pregnancy. During the peel, you may feel a bit of tingling but no burning and redness

and/ or discomfort. The downtime is 24 hours of no sun exposure and no makeup.

Again, glycolic peel treatment is great for end of summer to heal from sun damage

that your skin may have gone through and to get rid of sun spots, and uneven skin


Here at Hiral Esthetics, we offer Pumpkin peels as glycolic acid peels that are very mild

at this time. Please visit the website at / book to book your

treatment and/or call 224-435-7520 business line for more information about Hiral

Esthetics LLC.

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