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[APRIL 22] Bring Natural to Skin

Welcome to the month of April: The Earth Month

Nature is great! Our mother earth greater where the nature resides. Its so crucial to support your Earth. Earth sustainability is the life sustainability. Conserve water, use natural products to support your skin health during this month. It is springtime and allergies, dryness and dehydration are common things due weather in springtime where people are spending time outdoors unlike winter months.

​In the month of April, eco-friendly skincare must be aroutine.

Firstly, MUD MASKS/charcoal masks are great and very good for getting rid of bacteria, pollutants and dirt from pores of the face. Apply any good mud mask for 25 min with water and then clean off your skin with warm water, apply face cream that is hydrating. Use mud mask once a week at least during this month of high dryness. Make sure to use the SPF 30 to protect your skin and use very hydrating lotions. At Hiral Esthetics spa, we have so called charcoal masks to get rid of impurities from facial pores and use intense hydrating creams from Bio-elements with SPF 30 to hydrate/ treat the face.

Secondly, as an ecofriendly product, we use ROSE TONER to balance the pH of the facial skin with the facials that we provide, especially basic facial, anti-acne facial and high frequency facial. We use rosewater, rose extract rich toner with hyaluronic acid. It is absolutely luxurious.

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