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Sunscreen is the most important step in your skincare routine, irrespective of your race, gender and color. It protects your skin from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays that can damage your skin and cause hyperpigmentation, acne, fine lines and wrinkles and even skin cancer. 80 to 90 % of cases of premature skin aging and skin cancer are caused by unprotected exposure from UVA and UVB rays, that is why it is crucial to wear sunscreen. This summer if you skipped wearing the sunscreen, we offer skin rejuvenating facials that are anti- aging, antioxidant rich and can also treat acne if you have it. This will help you get ready for the fall season for fests, Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Please see the website for the promotions at

You can also increase the sun protection by combining sunscreen with other ways like avoiding the sun during the brightest times of the day, wearing protective clothing such as long- sleeved shirts and hats, and of course investing in sunglasses that block UV rays. The sunscreen should be between SPF 30 and 50 is enough to make sure that you are getting the optimum protection from UVB rays. The Sunscreen should be broad-spectrum as well. While making a purchase, SPF factor and broad -spectrum protection are the most important facts to keep in mind. UVA rays contribute to aging and UVB rays contribute to sun burn. They both cause cancer, so the protection from sunscreen should be for both UVA and UVB rays. Wearing only make up foundation is not enough unless it has the SPF 45. Always remember that we need protection from U rays and they are present even during cloudy days and winters, even when the sun is not present.

There are 2 types of sunscreen: 1) physical SPF and 2) chemical SPF. They are both equally good. Mineral/Inorganic is called Physical sunscreen and Organic sunscreen is called a Chemical sunscreen. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are physical sunscreen that convert absorbed UV rays into heat, while Octocrylene, PABA, Oxybenzone etc. are chemical sunscreen that convert UV rays into heat which is then released from the skin. They are both equally good!

Don’t forget to make an appointment in September for Microdermabrasion and pumpkin peels are the best for fall facial treatments!

Thank You.

See you at the spa!

Hiral, Your Aesthetician.

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