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[2021July] Salicylic Acid: Perfect Agent for Oily & Spot Prone skin


Salicylic acid, A.K.A Beta-Hydroxy Acid (BHA) is a chemical exfoliant which is perfect for oily, combination and spot prone skin types. This Salicylic Acid works as an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and deep sebum penetrating agent. It penetrates pores filled with sebum. People who are prone to higher sebum production should use this exfoliant to clean the skin. Also, Salicylic acid is best exfoliant for the blackheads that already exists while the mechanical exfoliant is the best for prevention.

Come and try our basic facial which cleanses the skin of all skin type and the Acne facial as well as High frequency facial. These facials will reduce the acne and/or prevent future acne outbreaks.

Our July promotions are as follows:

Basic Facial $50 for the first-time clients

High Frequency Facial 30%off

Acne Facial 30% off

Please call the spa for additional packages that may be available for your party!

Thank you!


Your Aesthetician

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